Inspection of sewers with sewer cameras: Benefits and Limitation

Inspection of sewers with sewer cameras: Benefits and Limitation

Home repairs that cost the most are sewer line replacements. This is certainly bad news for homeowners since trenching costs range from $4 to $12 per foot based on your sewerage project. A new sewer lining will cost about $1,000 to $4,000, according to a 2019 cost estimate for sewer line replacement. Most plumbers will recommend replacing a PVC pipe lining with cast iron or PVC, which is about 2-3 times more expensive than PVC. For digging through sewer lines, you may need to add hundreds of dollars to this estimate due to trenching costs. Through a remote visual inspection, a plumber may be able to inspect your sewer lines for potential damage using a waterproof camera.

You need to hire a professional when your sewer is producing a foul smell, your drains are overflowing, and you’re experiencing pipe leakage. These issues cannot be fixed on their own. However, in order to prevent damage, you need to hire the right resource who can eliminate the problems with your sewer lines after an in-depth visual inspection. You can do this by opting for one of the most reliable ways to detect sewer piper problems without going broke.

Nevertheless, you need to understand what sewer camera inspection is, how it can improve your home sewage system, and what its limitations are.

Inspections With Sewer Cameras: What Are They?

Your plumber can use a sewer camera to inspect your sewer pipes by attaching the camera to a stretchable line. A plumber who is experience can then follow up with this first method by viewing a live video of the sewer line. Plumbing and homeowners can use this diagnostic tool to determine the number of underground issues such as sewer backups, cracked sewer lines, the right way to drain water, and the location of a septic tank. The following are the real reasons why your plumber may need to repair your sewer line in the future.

What benefits of the Program?

Your home and you can benefit greatly from a sewer camera inspection.

Locate problem areas- A sewer video camera provides a 360-degree inside view of your pipes to help you locate any problems later on. As a result, your time and budget will be saved as it can pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

Conducting a preventative sewer camera inspection can help you save big on sewer line maintenance if you own a type of home that needs full-scale renovations.

Using this method, you or any of your family members can locate a lost item, such as jewelry, that was lost years ago.

Limitations of the Program?

Although sewer camera inspections can identify the possible source, they cannot pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Since the camera is placed down them, you can’t see when and where fluid is escaping from your pipes. A video may show a hole or crack, but it will not distinguish between that and debris from your sewer lines.

It is possible to reduce labor work by using a state-of-the-art plumbing camera at some point, however, it can also lead to an adverse effect, giving you a vague idea of the leak. In addition to having years of experience, a professional will also have multiple criteria to use for accurately identifying the source of a problem.

Fixing and preventing leaks in your home

The house you live in is more than a place where you eat, sleep, and do your daily activities. Providing you with protection against every crisis, it’s a complete shelter. Being a responsible homeowner means keeping your house safe from potential hazards inside and outside, regardless of whether they exist inside or outside.

Renting pipe inspection cameras can save you a lot of money

A third option is available at your convenience when you don’t want to hire professionals or purchase a sewer camera.

In most cases, sewer cameras are rented rather than purchased. It is understandable that some may not want to purchase a device in anticipation that they will not use it next time. Easy Cam LLC offers some of the most affordable high-quality pipe inspection cameras for rent.

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The power of CCTV for inspecting pipelines doesn’t require you to be a brain surgeon.  CCTV is the ‘drain surgeon’ because it combines advanced camera technology, software, and robotics to solve pipeline inspection problems and solve problems.

With CCTV, you can inspect drains, sewers, and pipelines quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively without damaging the infrastructure.  In several industries, pipeline inspections are conducted using this non-destructive method due to its numerous benefits.

For example, a plumbing company or municipality might use CCTV to look for roots invading drain and sewage lines, sediment buildup, foreign objects blocking the lines, and corrosion and wear.  In the case of a property developer, this technology would be used to check the condition of drains and pipelines before making a large capital purchase.  Remotely operated cameras mounted on robotic crawlers could be used by an oil and gas company to inspect vital pipelines for possible damage or contamination that could pose significant operational risks.

The technology-advanced yet durable instruments capture high-quality, data-rich images and video, backed by intuitive software that boosts productivity, protects assets, ensures safety, and ensures quality.   In real time, the CCTV camera feeds data and images to a computer, which stores information for later retrieval.

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