What Are the Best Website to Download Audiobooks?

What Are the Best Website to Download Audiobooks?

Everyone who likes to listen to books knows that many of the best ones cost money. But we know a few great sites that offer free audiobooks of high quality. We want to give you that list today.

In this post, we’ll talk about some great websites where you can download audiobooks for free. Most of them are written by English speakers, but many books are read in other languages.

You can also get your book audio recorded from an affordable ghostwriting services agency, but if you are searching for one, let’s get started. 

Ten Best Free Audiobook Sites In 2022

1. LibriVox

LibriVox is a huge collection of over 16,000 audiobooks made available to the public. Volunteers entirely curate the content.
There are audiobooks on this site in 46 different languages, but most of them are in French, German, Italian, and Spanish. There are more than 2,000 audiobooks that are not in English.
You can just use the search bar if you already know what you want.
Each book has many chapters you can download audiobooks one at a time through an app on your computer or phone. You can get audiobooks from the platform as zip files, torrents, or RSS feeds.
The fact that volunteers record the audio versions of books is a cool thing about this site. 

2. Loyal Books

Like LibriVox, Loyal Books is a free audiobook site that gives you access to over 7,000 public domain titles. You can download Kindle, iPhone, and browser eBook versions of each audiobook on the site.
Anyone can use the Loyal Books website. It’s free to use the content and to add new audiobooks. The catalog is easy to look through because the Loyal Books interface is friendly and easy to use.
When you look for a book, you’ll see its cover and how the community of listeners has rated it. If you’re unsure which book to read, there’s a list of the current books and genres on the site in a menu on the left.

3. Open Culture

Open Culture is a website with a lot of free cultural resources. You can find audiobooks, podcasts, movies, eBooks, courses, and certificates on this site.
Open Culture has more than 1,000 free recordings of books on tape. On their page, all the audiobooks are listed in alphabetical order (by author).
However, this website isn’t the easiest to figure out how to use. You can get confused and overwhelmed by the massive lists and many categories of free content, but Ctrl+F on each page will make it easier to find a book.
You can download audiobooks as an MP3 file, add them to your iTunes library, listen to them on YouTube, or open it with several other streaming services. 

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4. Lit2Go

Lit2Go is an online library with MP3 files of books and poems. You can look for what you need by author, book title, or genre on the homepage. If you don’t have a name, you can look through their collections and choose something that sounds good.
A page with all its chapters will open when you click on a book. You can download audiobooks, either an MP3 or a PDF file for a chapter. Lit2Go also gives information about the book’s genre, number of words, publication year, country of origin, and more.
This free library is interesting because it groups books based on how easily they read.
Remember that Lit2Go only has books that are written in English.

5. Project Gutenberg

If you want free audiobooks in most of the world’s languages, Project Gutenberg is a good place to look. Click on the language you want on the main page, and Gutenberg will show you all the entries.
You can sort the audiobooks by author, title, date of publication on the site, and special categories, in addition to the language. In the special categories, you can choose between stories made by a computer or books read by a person.
There are many recordings, songs, movies, and other things in the Gutenberg library. Project Gutenberg is a library with many different kinds of books, so some will only be available as text.

6. Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud is more like a place to find free audiobooks all in one place. When you look up a title on this site, you’ll get a list of results from all over the web (for example, LibriVox, YouTube, or Spotify). Some results will take you to the site where the audiobook was first posted, while others will take you right to Learn Out Loud.
When you get to the site, you can start by looking through the list of free audiobooks or searching for a specific book. The Learn Out Loud catalog has more than just audiobooks. It also has podcasts, courses, and documentaries.

7. Free Classic Audiobooks

This site for free audiobooks looks like a traditional online directory. The interface is easy to use. You can see the book on the left, and on the right, you can see the different download audiobooks formats. Most of the audiobooks are in MP3 format, but some also come in a format that can be simply used with iPods (M4B extension).
The unique thing about this site is that it only shows classic books. Here, you can read about books written in the 21st century.
Even though the interface is easy to use, it will be hard to find titles on the inside. Most of the time, you will have to click on the first letter of the author’s last name to move through all the pages. You can also see a list of the most download audiobooks on the first page of the site.

8. Mind Webs Archive

This site is a collection of old episodes of Michael Hanson’s 1970 science-fiction radio show Mind Webs. It was made up of a series of weekly short stories written by science-fiction writers of the time. Here is a free archive of the Mind Webs episodes if you like short science-fiction audio stories. It’s like how radio dramas make you feel like you’re there with their sound effects.
There are 216 short stories on 188 shows in the archive. You can either listen to the audio files online or download audiobooks for free in many formats.

9. Thought Audio

This is one site that gives away free audiobooks and gets them from YouTube. These audiobooks will still be available on YouTube, and Thought Audio just makes it easier to find them, but you can also download audiobooks from here
You can search for book titles and authors using the site’s interface. You can listen to old books, poems, and talks about philosophy on Thought Audio. If you like what’s on the site, you can donate to help those who choose the audiobooks.

10. BBC sounds

This public library of audiobooks is part of the BBC Sounds project, where the media group shows off everything audio, from podcasts to audiobooks, music, radio, biographies, comedy, and more. We put it on this list of the finest free audiobook sites because the selection is so good.
You can find real stories, fiction, stand-up comedy, portraits, memoirs, history, storytelling episodes, and much more in the audiobooks section. Each entry is a long series of many parts.
If you sign up for a BBC Sounds account, you can save your favorite episodes so you can watch them later. You can also subscribe to get updates about new episodes and daily suggestions based on what you like.
Most of the sites on this list offering free audiobooks have thousands of titles, but BBC Sounds only has about 100.


There are many ways to access good audiobooks online that don’t involve spending a lot of money. You might have found something useful on this list, but if you haven’t, don’t worry. Once you know where to look, you can find many other options. 

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