Top 15 Technical SEO Tricks to Improve Website Ranking

Top 15 Technical SEO Tricks to Improve Website Ranking

To do well online, you need to use Technical SEO Tricks that work. SEO is all about getting more people to see your website in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The more traffic you can get, the closer you are to the first ten results for any search term.

Focusing on on-page Technical SEO Tricks is a great place to start if you’re new to SEO or want to make quick, important changes.

Top 15 Technical SEO Tricks to Improve Website Ranking

Here are some important Technical SEO Tricks to consider as you plan your strategy for 2022.

Figure Out What Keywords You Want to Use

Your SEO campaigns will work best if you know a lot about the keywords you want to use. These keywords are words that have to do with your business. They might talk about your products and services and use words from your brand. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool if you are still unsure which keywords to use in your Technical SEO Tricks.

Create a Blog

As said by best web development services, 77% of people who use the internet read blogs regularly. If you have a business website, you should think about starting a blog to help you connect with your audience better. Other channels, like social media, can’t do that. By posting relevant, fresh, and up-to-date content on a blog, you can give your target audience all the information they need about your brand and solve all of their problems.

Search engines also pay attention to good blog posts, especially when others share them or link them. You can reach even more people with these Technical SEO Tricks.

Get A Spot in Featured Snippets

If you ask a question on Google right now, you will likely see a featured answer in a box before the other search results. You can try it right now with “web design topics.” A featured snippet is that box and what’s in it.

A study showed that a website’s average click-through rate could increase by more than 100% just by getting one featured snippet position. How do you get a spot in the featured snippets?

You can use tools to find keywords you rank well for that have featured snippets. If you’re already in the top five spots on page one of the search results for the term, use the technical SEO tricks above to shake up your content, and your content will eventually become one of the featured snippets.

Make sure your titles are SEO-friendly

Your posts’ headings do more than just break up the text. If you optimize them well, they can help your rankings. 

Publish Detailed Content

Google makes sense in giving higher rankings to posts that are longer. Good, in-depth pieces usually have all the information there is to know about a subject or come pretty close. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of the top-ranking pages on Google have an average of 1,890 words. Google likes it when users can find all the answers they need on a single page. So, take the time on these Technical SEO Tricks to make each page you publish or blog post you write more in-depth.

Link to Your Own Pages

Google figures out what a website is about by sending bots to look at the homepage and then slowly moving on to other linked links. So, the homepage shares its link juice with the rest of the site, making it easier for Google to find new pages.

This is why you should link your website’s posts to each other. Using these technical SEO tricks and Putting a link to an old post in a new one helps readers find more content on your site and makes it easy for Google to crawl your new content quickly.

Add Links to Other Sites

When you write a post, include links to other websites to make it easier to read and back up some of your points. Google likes it when you link to high-quality resources because it shows that you want to help the reader more. But it is important to ensure that the sites you link to are related to your post. Google punishes websites that use paid or unnatural ways to build links.

Write Meta Descriptions

A page’s meta description summarizes what the page is about. In Google search results, you can see it next to the link to a page. Meta descriptions are not considered when figuring out a website’s rank, but they affect how many people click through to a site (CTR). CTR is a ranking factor, which is interesting. You can write the meta descriptions for your posts before you publish them. Google will use your post’s first 150–160 characters as the summary if you don’t write a description. It was one of the easiest tricks from other Technical SEO Tricks. 

Improve Your Pictures

Images shouldn’t be left out of your SEO campaign. Make sure that all your images are optimized to match the page’s content. This Technical SEO Tricks make it more likely that the image will appear in search results and bring more people to the post. 10% of all Google traffic goes to Google Images. That’s a big number of people who use your site that you can’t ignore. 

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are search terms that sound natural but have keywords in them. A long-tail version of the keyword “earn money on the internet” might be “how to earn money on the internet in the UK?”

When it comes to SEO, the main benefit of using long-tail keywords is that they are not as competitive as short ones. By paying attention to these Technical SEO Tricks, you can make it more likely that your posts will rank higher on Google. Targeting long-tail keywords also let you make content that works well with voice searches. 

Look for Mentions of Your Brand and Claim Your Links

Backlinks are well-known to be important ranking factors. So, what do you do when people talk about your brand but don’t link to your website? Get in touch and take the links! It can take a lot of effort and time to build links. 

If dozens of websites mention your brand without giving you a link, you’ve already done some of your work. Reach out to the brand and ask them nicely to link the brand name. It’s a simple Technical SEO Tricks that work well for brands that are already well-known on the web.

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Optimize for Mobile

Google likes websites optimized for mobile because, at any given time, half of the people on the web are using mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re turning off half of the people who use the internet and giving Google users a bad experience over and over again. The search engine giant already has a strategy that puts mobile first. Look over your website’s design and ensure it loads quickly and works well on mobile. Web design services design your website, which is best for mobiles and other devices. 

Change The Way Your URL Is Set Up

If your blog’s URL shows the date of the post, you’ll need to change the structure of the URL to reflect any changes. This is the only way that Google will notice your changes and keep your content relevant as a whole.

Some people choose to hide the date of their posts so that they will always be relevant. This might not be a good idea since web users and Google want to know if a post is still up-to-date and useful. If other posts like yours have a recent date highlighted, they will probably rank higher than yours.

Create Amazing Visual Content

According to an SEO company near me, 72% of people who want to learn about your brand or service would rather watch an explainer video than read walls of text. Pay more attention to information that can be seen. You can make more infographics as well as videos.

You don’t have to come up with crazy ideas for content, either. Making films and infographics out of your site’s finest material and posting them on YouTube and other social media platforms are great Technical SEO Tricks to attract more visitors to your site.

Build your online brand and social signals

In the short and long term, social signals affect where a site ranks on a search engine. Incorporate social media into your SEO strategies. By making as much buzz as possible about your brand, you can get more natural backlinks, improve your over CTR, and lower bounce rates.


When SEO is done right, it can lead to good results. With the technical SEO tricks we’ve discussed here, you can get off to a good start immediately. Don’t use bad SEO techniques like buying links, using SEO directories, spamming your content, and putting too many keywords on your site. They will hurt your credibility on the web, both with Google and the people you want to reach. 

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