Top Benefits of Thread Lifts in 2022: Are they worth it?

While we can’t avoid the ageing and wrinkles which approach human skin with time, cosmetic experts have emerged with workable solutions like thread lifts. Since our facial structure is chiselled with the fat supported by the skin’s elasticity, we begin to lose the lumpy facial fat and bone density we once had. Besides getting lip filler in Dubai, opting for a thread lift is handy when considering altering the facial structure. 

How does a Thread lift work?

A thread lift is a process where temporary sutures are applied to produce a slight but visible “lift” in the skin. Rather than surgically removing the patient’s loose skin, the cosmetic surgeon takes the stitching approach and suspends a specific facial portion with threads.

Let’s head over to some of the main benefits of thread lift and determine how you make the most of the procedure.

1)  Thread Lift works non-invasively

Unlike traditional facelifts, thread lifts don’t require weeks or months to get results. After walking out of the clinic, there’ll be no swelling, irritation or other visible signs of infection. You’ll instantly make a healthier impression in public. In addition, threads will only be inserted into the outermost layers of your skin, so the treatment isn’t hurtful, either. It’s more like an aesthetical treatment than a medical one.

2 )  Thread lift provides long-term results.

Apart from lifting the skin instantly, the elements within the dissolvable threads also help stimulate the production of new collagen. As a result, you’ll achieve a more youthful complexion and plumper skin that lasts more than a year. Since they stimulate new collagen, threads will tighten your skin naturally while reducing potential facial sagging. Threads work to smoothen wrinkles and fine lines because of this production.

3 )  Thread lifts allow customizable Treatments.

One of the most valuable perks of thread lifts is their customizability. Since threads arrive in all shapes and sizes, your surgeon will customise the anti-ageing treatment per your skin type and aesthetic goals. For instance, thinner mono-threads are perfect for restoring volume and rejuvenating the cheeks and chin. On the contrary, thicker threads help lift the saggy skin around the neck and jowls.

4 ) Thread lift is relatively cheaper.

The entire cost of your treatment is determined by a few factors, including the treatable areas, the type of threads used, and whether you’re up for receiving local anaesthesia. Surprisingly, the procedure is relatively more affordable than cheek and chin augmentation or a facelift. It also accounts for treatment results vanishing over time. Remember that no cosmetic surgery is permanent, so taking the decision sensibly is important.

5 ) Thread lift Rejuvenates the Skin.

The thread lift treatment makes you appear younger almost immediately after the procedure by tightening your ageing skin. Yet, the results only seem to improve when you walk into an inviting and comfortable public space. The self-assurance you feel at the moment is remarkable and makes you ponder over one of the best life decision you ever made.

 6 ) Slow but Safer absorption

Absorption can take over a year, depending on the threads you’re opting for. At the same time, most patients find that their threads are absorbed within six to eight months. After absorption, results can last anywhere from four months to over two years. Compared to the traditional facelift, the safety provided by the modern thread lift is unparalleled. Since the advent, there have been no potential complaints regarding allergic reactions or infections. Moreover, these threads are non-toxic. Therefore, your body will safely absorb them.

8 ) Thread lifts blend with other anti-ageing treatments.

Thread lifting is a unique procedure that can delightfully blend with anti-ageing treatments to help you achieve the desired aesthetic appearance. For instance, you can combine it with chemical peels, Botox, dermal fillers, and micro-needling. We can use a thread lift periodically to upscale the touch-up results from previous facelift surgery. It implies that if you want cosmetic surgery other than thread lift, you can check the alignment by consulting a professional surgeon.

Final Verdict:

Gone were the days when body shaming was a norm and women used to criticize each other’s facial features. The advent of cosmetic surgeries has brought about a revolution in this beauty-conscious world. You’ll find competent plastic surgeons everywhere, regardless of getting a thread lift in Dubai or elsewhere. Now that you’ve accumulated the benefits of the treatments proceeding ahead will be easier.

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