How Can One Track Someone’s Location Remotely?

How Can One Track Someone’s Location Remotely?

Everybody has their own reasons for monitoring someone’s location remotely. Parents may aspire to discover their kids’ exact location to guarantee their safety. 

For couples who doubt betrayal, monitoring their partner’s location gives them mental peace and sanity. Every so often, some business owners might want to track their employees’ locations to ensure they are doing their work on the field. 

This article will share five remarkable methods to track someone’s location remotely and discreetly. So, keep reading.

How Can One See Someone’s Location Remotely?

You can use the methods mentioned below to track someone’s whereabouts and acquire real-time information about their location.

Stealth Location Tracker

The best way to spy on someone’s location is to use a location tracker with a stealth feature. Not all location trackers have an integrated secret tracking mode. 

If you utilize the correct software, you will be able to monitor any iPhone or Android mobile’s location from your web browser. It will offer daily updates on the target’s activities, including their exact whereabouts. 

Not all stealth location tracking tools are worth your time, nor do they have an efficient secrecy mode. You must look for the one with a great reputation. 

The location trackers allow you to monitor any present-day device remotely and discreetly. They will send you information about your target’s location via the internet without the target’s knowledge.  

Spy Apps

Another excellent approach to tracking a person’s location is to use spy apps. These third-party applications would be your best and most practical option. You don’t need to install them on the target’s phone. 

Their location tracking feature will aid you in spying on your target’s location, check their location history, and check all other data on their mobile, including chat conversations, photos, videos, social media apps, browsing history, etc., without accessing their mobile.

Google Map

This web-based location tracker is developed primarily as a direction navigator while driving or sightseeing in new places. Its whereabouts tracking is real-time and exact due to GPS. 

It permits monitoring more than one mobile as long as location sharing is in place. To utilize Google map as a location tracker, follow these steps:

  • Add your Gmail to the Google contacts of your target person.
  • Open the application on their mobile and login.
  • Click on the Google profile option at the top right corner and select the sharing duration “until you turn it off.”
  • Now, add yourself to the option and choose “share,” and that’s it.

Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile number tracker can speedily find a mobile’s locality on the map. They utilize cell phone numbers, not internet, tracking, or mobile networks. You don’t have to deploy software on your or your target’s device. Here is how to use this method:

  • Go to the website of a mobile number tracker.
  • Enter the cell phone number you aspire to monitor.
  • Choose the country of the mobile number.
  • You can see it from the user space on the site.

Android Device Manager

If your target person has an Android phone, you can track its location using Android Device Manager. This service is forever active on every Android device by default. 

It is linked directly to the Google account and the GPS tracker, utilizing which the whereabouts of the target’s phone can be easily discovered. Here is how to use Android Device Manager to track someone’s location:

  • Visit the Google app store and download the “find my device” application on any mobile.
  • Enter your email and passcode to sign in to your Google account.
  • Choose the phone whose locality you want to spy on.
  • The “play sound” option will ring your device for 5 minutes on loud volume.
  • The “secure device” option will lock the mobile and log you out of the Google account.
  • The “erase device” option will remove all the information from the device so no one can access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Possible To Spy On A Person’s Location With Their Mobile Number?

Yes, it is possible because service providers do that. The whereabouts are held from the mobile tower when a call is received. On the other hand, you can use location tracking sites to find someone’s location. You need to enter the number and wait for their locality to appear.

2. Is There A Location Tracker That Is Free To Use?

The answer is no if you aspire to track someone’s location without informing them. The genuine, discreet location trackers are costly to build and maintain; thereby, they are paid. Be cautious of free scam applications.

3. Is It Illegal To Track Someone’s Location Without Their Consent?

The legitimacy of utilizing an application to track someone’s location relies on your location, your target’s location, who possesses the target’s phone, age, relationship to you, and consent. In most areas, tracking your kid is legal.

In most locations, monitoring a mobile you own is legal, even if the user is unaware of it. It is prohibited to deploy a tracker on someone’s device without their permission. Because the legal circumstances can differ greatly; therefore, we recommend you check in with a lawyer before attempting to spy on someone’s whereabouts.  


There are countless approaches to tracking a person’s location without their knowledge, but using spy apps is the best and simplest. They include several advanced features and let you monitor someone’s location and other activities secretly and remotely. 

Keeping an eye on someone’s location, internet browsing history, social media apps, and even call recording has become common. These applications have become popular over recent years owing to their ability to support users to take charge of their lives and spy on their dear ones without any constraint.

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