Current Affairs Quiz – October 2023

Current Affairs Quiz – October 2023

Current Affairs
Current Affairs

Welcome to your Current Affairs' - October - 2023

On what date is 'International Literacy Day' celebrated?

Which corporation's solar cell facility received the approval of the American government's Development Finance Institution for investment?

Which nation has recently postponed the prohibition on new gasoline and diesel vehicles?

From which country did the funding for the Padma Bridge Rail Link in Bangladesh originate?

What is the tiniest continent on Earth?

After enduring an onslaught of 5,000 rockets from Gaza, which nation was officially designated a "State of War"?

What country has recently introduced the 'Whoosh' high-speed railway project, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia?

Which group is initiating its independent credit rating agency to counteract the perceived discrimination of major rating entities?

What was the occupation of 'Antonín Dvořák,' the individual celebrated in the Google Doodle?

Which nation suggested the 'G-20 Space Initiative for Environmental and Climate Monitoring'?

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