Riteway Auto Patchogue: A 4.9-Star Auto Repair Shop (Google Review)

If you are looking for the best garage for your car repair and you have heard about Riteway Auto garage from somewhere but you are not sure about the services of riteway auto and you are looking for reviews of this garage. Then you landed at the right place because, in this article, I will discuss the positive and negative reviews of Riteway Auto Patchogue given by their customers on Google. So, read this article to know everything about Riteway Auto Patchogue.

Google Review Riteway Auto Patchogue

Riteway Auto Patchogue is an auto repair shop located in Patchogue, New York. The shop offers a wide range of services including tire rotations, oil changes, brake repairs, and engine diagnostics. Riteway Auto mechanics have years of experience performing auto servicing. Riteway Auto Patchogue has established a reputation for quality service and customer satisfaction.

Google Review Riteway Auto Patchogue

Google reviews play an important role in knowing about any business, product, or service. if you read google reviews from previous customers or potential customers can get a sense of what to expect from the service they will receive. The Riteway Auto Patchogue has received numerous reviews on Google with an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. This high rating indicates that the service of the riteway auto shop is very good. You can judge from the positive reviews of the customers that their service is worth it.

Pros and Cons of Google Review Riteway Auto Patchogue

Pros of Riteway Automotive

Service Quality: The mechanics at the shop have a reputation for providing excellent service and are friendly and knowledgeable. Any problems can be easily found and fixed by them.

Customer Satisfaction: Many consumers give the store top ratings for its focus on providing excellent customer service and for having staff members who go above and beyond to make sure that customers enjoy their shopping experience.

Experienced Mechanics: The mechanics at Right Way Auto Patchogue possess a high level of expertise and experience, making it easy for them to identify and fix even the most challenging issues.

Use of High-Quality Parts: The shop exclusively uses the best parts, ensuring that vehicles continue to function effectively for many years to come.

Riteway google reviews

Cons of Riteway Automotive 

Higher Prices: Some customers have noted that prices for services at Google Review Riteway Auto Patchogue can be a bit higher compared to other shops.

Comfort of Waiting Area: Some customers have noted that the waiting area could be more comfortable.

Timing of Repairs: Rarely, some customers mentioned issues with the timing of repairs.

Cost of Repairs: Rarely, some customers noted that they were not satisfied with the cost of repairs.

Tips for Maximizing Your Experience at Riteway Auto Patchogue

Riteway Auto Patchogue According to Google Reviews

Make An Appointment Well In Advance: It’s a good idea to make an appointment in advance to guarantee that you receive the quickest and most efficient treatment.

Know The History Of Your Car: Bringing any documents or information regarding the past of your car to the appointment helps speed up the mechanics’ ability to identify and fix any issues.

Be Clear About Your Expectations: Make careful to express your expectations and worries to the staff in detail when you arrive at the store. This will make it more likely that you will receive the assistance you require and that your experience will leave you entirely happy.

Ask Questions: If you have any questions or concerns about the service being provided, don’t be afraid to inquire. Right Way Auto Patchogue staff is always available to answer inquiries and provide more information.

Leave A Review: After your appointment, think about leaving a Google review on Riteway Auto Patchogue to help other people make an informed decision about their own auto repairs. Your feedback will help Riteway Auto Patchogue improve the quality of service the company provides and make sure that other customers enjoy their time there.

Riteway Auto Patchogue

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which types of service are offered by Riteway Auto?

The auto maintenance and repair services provided by Right Way Auto Patchogue include oil changes, tyre rotations, brake repairs, engine inspections, and more.

How can I book an appointment at Riteway Auto Patchogue?

By calling on this number (+1 631-207-2146) the store or using the online booking facility, you can make an appointment.

What is the address of Rightway Auto?

The address for Ritway Auto is (192 Waverly Avenue, Patchogue, NY, United States, New York).

Is Right Way Auto Patchogue open on weekends?

No, Riteway Auto Patchogue is only open during the week. Contact the shop for specific hours and availability.

Final Thought 

Google Review Riteway Auto Patchogue paints a favorable picture of the shop’s service quality. Customers appreciate the mechanics’ expertise and the use of high-quality parts, as well as the staff’s customer-first attitude. However, there are a few negative reviews, which primarily concern cost and comfort. Despite this, the overall average rating of 4.9 stars indicates that Riteway Auto Patchogue is a highly regarded auto repair shop in the Patchogue area.

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