Importance of Tools to Help You Grow Your Instagram Following

Many tools can help you grow your Instagram following. However, using these tools correctly and for the right reasons is important.

Many factors influence an account’s performance on Instagram, including content types, filters, and post times. Discovering the most suitable tools for your requirements can be difficult, but it will be exceptionally beneficial in the future.


Instagram scheduling tools will help you post your content at the best time for your followers. Following these steps will increase engagement on your posts and help you gain more followers quickly.

Using an Instagram scheduler will also save you time by allowing you to plan your posts ahead of time. This will ensure your posts are scheduled at the correct time each day and help you stay consistent.

Several Instagram scheduling tools, including Later, Schedugram, and Hootsuite, are available. These tools will help you schedule your Instagram posts and will automatically post them for you. These tools will also provide analytics and help you track your progress.

Their starter plan is free, and they offer a seven-day trial. They also have a premium plan that allows you to manage up to 10 accounts and includes features such as SmartQ, workflow, collaboration, and content targeting.


To enhance your Instagram activity, it is essential to use appropriate hashtags that can assist you in reaching your target audience. Avoid overly viral and overly generic hashtags. These tend to have millions of posts, making it difficult for your content to rank on their Instagram hashtag pages (as well as get buried in the Top and Recent sections).

A good way to increase Instagram followers is to discover traffic-generating hashtags is to looking at those used by industry influencers and competitors. Hashtags are important for providing context to a post and signaling to Instagram what the post is about. It’s also worth researching the hashtags of events your business participates in or attends.

You can also create branded hashtags to promote your brand, products or campaigns. To make it easier to add a group of relevant hashtags to your post, keep a list in your Notes app or use a scheduling tool that lets you save caption templates. You can then copy and paste when you post.


Having a large following on Instagram is one thing, but having real followers engaging with your content is what matters. This type of engagement translates into brand loyalty, increased website traffic, and sales for your business.

Boosting your Instagram engagement requires a strategy that involves more than just posting high-quality images. Engaging with your audience by responding to DMs, sharing their content on your feed, and commenting on their posts is essential. Engaging with your audience is important to establish a personal connection with your brand and build trust, which can ultimately result in increased conversions. Encouraging your audience to share user-generated content (UGC) is a great way to foster engagement. This type of content shows that you value and support your customers, which can help build loyalty for your brand. It also allows the algorithm to recognize your content and boosts the chances it will be promoted in users’ feeds.


While Instagram’s native analytics can be helpful, investing in an analytics tool will give you more follower growth and performance data. Tools like Iconosquare and Keyhole provide more granular insights on the metrics that matter most to your business.

Iconosquare is a tool that helps you track how your posts affect your followers’ growth. To improve your social media content strategy, analyze the different elements of your posts, such as filters, captions, and content types. This will help you identify what works best and optimize your content accordingly. Furthermore, Iconosquare provides valuable insights into the busiest times of your followers, allowing you to schedule your posts for maximum engagement. The other big advantage of a robust Instagram analytics tool is the ability to see additional shopping-specific metrics in your Insights dashboard, which can help you determine how many of your followers are converting from page views to purchases. This information can be particularly valuable for brands selling products or services online. For example, if your product photos get many pictures but few clicks, you may want to revisit your design or copy to increase conversions.

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